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You’re a Bid Manager, Harry

What if those were some of Hagrid’s first words to the famous Harry Potter, rather than “you’re a wizard”? What if Hogwarts was a school of bid management mastery*, not witchcraft and wizardry?

The four Hogwarts houses have their own characteristics and traits by which students are sorted, but what type of bid team would that make them?


Characteristics: Values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry. Can be arrogant and conceited…

Bid team style: They believe they are the best; are well thought of in the market and amongst their competitors. They will pitch for the hard to win clients, trying to unseat long-term incumbents. May take each bid to the wire at submission time – but will do so with true team camaraderie. Will always be proud of the submission they have put in. 


Characteristics: Values intelligence, learning, wisdom and wit. Can be egocentric and snobbish…

Bid team style: They will focus on where they can add value and do something different for the client, offering something no supplier has before. Their bids are usually technical and detailed in nature, often using quotes and imagery to convey wit and/or individuality, but can come across superior at times. 


Characteristics: Values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty. Can be stagnant and lazy…

Bid team style: They value long-standing client relationships and put time and resource into bidding for retenders or different service lines for their clients. Often just bid for anything though, taking the easy route. The team takes care of each other, regularly holding team-building events and bringing in cakes and biscuits as the deadline approaches!

And finally, Slytherin

Characteristics: Values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness; will do anything to get their way.

Bid team style: Like Gryffindor, they will bid for the hard to win clients. But rather than rely on talent and market opinion, they will use every method at their disposal to find an ‘in’ with the client – including poaching staff from their competitors. Also aren’t above offering a bribe. Once at presentation stage, their charisma works well for them and is often where they win the pitch. 

I’ve never knowingly worked in a Slytherin team I think! Can I take a bit of Gryffindor and a bit of Ravenclaw?! Now class, Winloadsia Bidiosa!

*Would anyone attend?! That’s probably a thought for another blog…

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