Our Services

We can help with any aspect of your bid requirements – from the initial Expression of Interest, through to the client presentation. We can also take a more background role, reviewing your bid if you want to retain authorship, and helping you set up and/or update your knowledge management library.

Below are some of the services we can offer.

Our standard rates are £200 for half day, £375 for a day, or £800 for a PQQ and £1,500 for an ITT/RFP. Please do get in touch to discuss further and to receive a tailored quote.

Expression of Interest / Basic PQQ. We can support from expressing your interest in an identified opportunity, to drafting a compliant basic PQQ for submission.

ITT / RFP. We will conduct research into the client and their market, and support your bid gate decisions if required. We will work alongside you to storyboard the submission and generate content with your teams, and will provide a best practice, compliant, first and final draft for your review, sign off and submission.

End-to-end Bid Process. If you are struggling for resource, or have a large, strategic opportunity on your desk, we can work alongside you to help manage the end to end process from the initial expression of interest, right through to full ITT/RFP submission and client presentation.

Review and Mark-up. If you would prefer to keep your submission drafting in house, we can provide a review and mark up service, applying best practice to improve your win chances.

Client Presentations. We can work with you to design and create a client presentation pack, based on your earlier submissions, or within our end to end management of the process. We can coach you in presentation delivery best practice, including presentation run throughs and final rehearsal.

Virtual Bid Assistant. Should you require day to day management of your bid alerts and portals, we can assign a virtual bid assistant. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and for a quote.

Post-submission Debriefs. Receiving feedback on your bid submission should be a key aspect of your business development activities – win or lose. We can provide best practice templates tailored to the opportunity, coach you beforehand and even sit in on the debriefs with you. Once the debrief is complete, we can work with you to analyse the feedback and create a continuous improvement plan.

Knowledge Library. Your bid knowledge library should contain best practice answers and documents (such as certificates and policies) that will save you time and effort on your submissions. However, to achieve this, it is vital that the library is set up for ease of finding information, and is constantly updated and perfected in line with client feedback. We can set up your library if you don’t already have one, review what you already have in place, and update from your recent submissions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and for a quote.