Behind the paywall

Your organisation is looking to implement its first formal bid management software/tool; you may have heard of a few by name, but you want to know which are the best for your needs and to make sure you don’t have to swap to something else in a year’s time if the supplier goes out of business. Or, are you a researcher, analysing the vendor market in bid management software?

What would be the first thing you would do? Googling* “best bid management software” or “bid management software trends” would probably be high up the list, right? However, have you tried that lately? 

Across the first few pages, amongst some named software websites, many results are variations on the theme of “Top 10 bid management systems” – but when you click through, the results are hidden in a report behind a paywall.

You can see the chapter list and request a free sample, of course, but they are usually redacted versions of the first few pages.

Why is that? 

For many people, having to pay to see a report – without even knowing if it will be of use – could be wasted budget. They’ll keep searching for free information, the report provider loses the fee, and a potential shout-out. 

And for those trying to determine what software to procure, they will likely go back to the named results, even if it takes longer. Surely the more people who can view the report, the more business could be generated for those suppliers? 

So why hide behind a third-party report? Who really benefits, other than the report producer when people do pay?

*Other search engines are available!